The New Richmond Area Centre opened on January 1, 2009 with 770 memberships. We now have more than 2,500 memberships and are excited to be serving our community. We are an inclusive, non-profit organization serving the St. Croix Valley area. If you haven’t been to the Centre, stop in for a tour and see just why No One Leaves The Same! 


Health, Fitness and Fun for All Ages

Core Purpose

Creating “The Experience” — The Experience is defined as creating a place (beyond the facility) where each person (member or not) is warmly greeted as a favored grandchild or trusted friend. People come because they feel they are an essential part of the community of friends with common interests. Employees have a passion about their area of expertise with mutual respect for the importance and contributions of others. Facilities support the activities of the Centre but do not limit the range and impact on lives. In all it does, the Centre promotes Health, Fitness and Fun for All Ages; the catalyst that drives a healthy community. We want every person to look forward to coming and leave happy that they have been here.

Core Values

Relationships — We choose to share lives and believe that every member has a story. We are open to all.

Health — We focus on healthy life choices and support people in reaching their potential.

Integrity — We hold ourselves accountable to our members, community, and each other.

Sustainability — As a non-profit, we are committed to developing a sustainable resource engine to power our future.

Centre Board of Directors

Jean Needham, President

Paul Mayer, Secretary/Treasurer

Gary Bakke

Jeff Moberg

Tom Mews

Erica Kufus

Jacob Hutchins

To contact a member of the board, e-mail board@nracentre.com.

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