Why Personal Train?

Looking to develop a lifestyle that promotes fitness, health, and well-being?  Take a step in the right direction by hiring your own personal trainer.

A great personal fitness trainer should offer more than just recommendations about how many reps to do on a weight machine or how to press buttons on the treadmill – he or she will give you a general picture of how to live a healthy life.

For more information please contact the Centre at 715-246-2252.


Meet our Personal Trainers


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Major in Movement Studies, Minor in Gerontology and Wellness

Specialty Areas:

- Boxing/MMA
- Cancer Recovery and Fitness Programming
- Boot Camp

My fitness background touches a wide range of emphases. I have been involved in youth sports, teaching exercise classes, nutrition, personal training with members in resistance training, and pool work.  The two areas that set me apart from other trainers are my involvement in Cancer Recovery and Mixed Martial Arts.

Cancer has touched loved ones in my life and during my time at UW-Eau Claire I volunteered with their Cancer Recovery and Fitness Program to make a difference in the survivors’ lives. The college students in this program are responsible for creating and facilitating one-on-one exercise programs for the survivors in the Cancer Recovery Program. 

I have experience training and competing in Mixed Martial Arts.  Mixed Martial Arts is unlike any sport I have ever been a part of.  It has taught me to push my body beyond its known limits and has given me a confidence in myself I would have never expected.  I am here to share the benefits this sport has to offer with members. 

Your fitness journey is both a physical and internal process and I’m here to help you through your journey in both those areas so you will succeed and far surpass anything you ever thought possible for your life. 



ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

Specialty Areas:

- Strength Training
- Weight Loss
- Nutrition

Resistance training has always been a passion of mine. In high school, I was a powerlifter and the love for lifting has never left. Five years ago, I began a weight loss journey that changed my life.  This journey ignited a passion for fitness and a desire to help others reach their goals too. My goal as your personal trainer is to help you become the best you can possibly be while enjoying your journey to get there!


Master of Science in Kinesiology Clinical Exercise Physiology
Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Human and Sport Performance
ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Specialty Areas:

- Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Risk Management
- Fat Loss
- General Strength Training
- Cycling and Triathlon Training
- Heart Rate & Power Zone Training

I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of individuals, including those focusing on management of chronic diseases, general fitness, weight loss, and competitive athletes.  My exercise programs have impacted countless individuals resulting in greater ease performing activities of daily living, muscular strength & endurance increases, fat mass reduction, cardiorespiratory improvements, and blood glucose & lipid improvements.

In addition, I’ve had the privilege of coaching athletes who were beginners in their respective sport to those competing for a national title.  I genuinely enjoy interacting with people and the process of learning individual goals & motivations, building a long term plan, focusing on incremental achievements, and overcoming setbacks along the way.  Approach me at any time to chat about your own personal objectives and see if I’d be a good fit for you.


Facility Hours:

Monday - Friday 4:45 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday - Sunday 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Program areas close 15 minutes prior to the facility closing


425 E 5th St
New Richmond WI 54017

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